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Quoting Obama

Some very few of my favourite quotes from Barack Obama`s  book «The Audacity of Hope»:

International Affairs:

«In the field of international affairs, it`s dangerous to extrapolate from the experiences of a single country. In its history, geography, culture, and conflicts, each nation is unique.»

American Foreign Policy:

«At times American foreign policy has been farsighted, simultaneously serving our national interest, our ideals, and the interests of other nations. At other times American policies have been misguided, based on false assumptions that ignore the legitimate aspirations of other peoples, undermine our own credibility and make for a more dangerous world.»

On the Vietnam War:

«..perhaps the biggest casualty of that war was the bond of trust between the American people and their government – and between Americans themselves.»

Oppression Behind the Iron Curtain:

«..at times, in arguments with some of my friends on the left, I would find myself in the curious position of defending aspects of Reagan`s worldview. I didn`t understand why, for example, progressives should be less concerned about oppression behind the Iron Curtain than they were about brutality in Chile.»

On Education and the Role of Parents:

«Parents have the primary responsibility for instilling an ethic of hard work and educational acheivement in their children. But parents rightly expect their government, through the public schools, to serve as full partners in the educational process – »


Kan Obama sammenlignes med Nelson Mandela? Nei, sier Det hvite hus.